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EU Technical Assistance to the African Union • Infrastructure Support Mechanism (ISM)
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Transboundary Water Resource Management (TWRM)

In PIDA PAP1, the transboundary Water sector had the lowest number of projects submitted and executed of the four PIDA sectors. The growing demand for water from galloping urbanization, and from agriculture for achieving climate resilience has raised the interest for transboundary water projects. The “Technical Assistance to The African Union – Infrastructure Support Mechanism” water Non-Key Expert provided support to AUC (African Union Commission) Department of Water and Rural Economy to organize two Webinars with Member states, Regional Economic Communities and Specialized institutions. This has contributed to reinforce the PIDA portfolio in the water sector with 33 transboundary water projects submitted, out of which 15 have been selected in the priority PIDA PAP2 list.

The multipurpose dam projects submitted and prioritized in the PIDA PAP2 have the potential for cross cutting climate action to achieve mainly sustainable water resources management, resilience in agriculture and food systems, along with decentralized rural green energy access and mitigation co benefits. These projects provide a strong narrative and model for sustainability and resilience within the Water-Food-Energy nexus in the context of resource mobilization from climate donors detailed in the horizontal workstream section.