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EU Technical Assistance to the African Union • Infrastructure Support Mechanism (ISM)
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EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF22)

14th to 18th February 2022 | Online event

The TA to AU-ISM is supporting the EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF22), from 14th to 18th Feb, which will take place online (with very limited on-site presence for recording high level sessions). Co-organised by the European Commission, the African Union Commission, as well as EU and African business organisations, the Forum is a unique opportunity to exchange with African and European business leaders and decision makers.

7th EU-Africa Business Forum 2022 | EABF22 (




28th February – 04th March 2022 | Nairobi, Kenya

Inaugurated in 2015 as the key forum to bring together stakeholders in the implementation of the PIDA, annual thematic PIDA weeks have been hosted by African capitals. The last physical event was the 5th PIDA week in Nov 2019 in Cairo while the 6th PIDA week was a hybrid event hosted by South Africa. The 7th PIDA Week will be hosted by Kenya, initially planned from 6th to 10th Dec 2021 is now planned for a Q1 2022 hybrid format around the theme: “Putting Africa on a firm footing for recovery, growth, and resilience through Infrastructure”.

The TA to AU-ISM is supporting the organisation of sessions towards financing of projects and reinforcing the contribution of PIDA projects to African economies particularly through enhancing the participation of SMEs.



Road Safety Event during the Africa-Europe Week

The road traffic injury rates expose massive inequalities between regions. The global rate of road traffic injury is 18.2 per 100,000; in Europe, it is 9.3 per 100,000, and in Africa, it is 26.6 per 100,000. In this the European Year of Youth (2022), the EU – AU Summit represents an opportunity to showcase the lack of road safety and the importance of youth leadership on safe and sustainable mobility. YOURS, specifically the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and its Youth Leadership Board, in collaboration with the European Union Technical assistance to the African Union- Infrastructure Mechanism (ISM) and the DG for Mobility and Transport, came together to host an exciting side event online. The Objective is to get more young leaders involved in road safety efforts by taking part in the Youth Coalition.

Improvement of the Virtual PIDA Information Centre interface (VPIC)

As the repository of data on PIDA, there is a need to enhance the usability and utility of VPIC as a tool for showcasing PIDA projects to investors, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and donors. The TA to AU-ISM has supported a study on the current weaknesses to develop a roadmap and costed action plan for the revitalization of the process of collection, updating and validation as well as the optimal use of VPIC and the underlying African Infrastructure Database (AID) platforms.

Training on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

A Training on PPP has been delivered by the TA to AU-ISM, through practitioner Trainers to a selected audience of PIDA focus points (mainly project owners), and national & regional institutions. The core objective is to better prepare participants for attracting private capital for African infrastructure while rebalancing the knowledge asymmetry of public sector stakeholders during PPP negotiations. The participants will also benefit as a preparatory step towards the basic exam of the APMG certificate.

Support to AU-EY side event on Youth and Road safety