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EU Technical Assistance to the African Union • Infrastructure Support Mechanism (ISM)
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• Improvement of the Virtual PIDA Information Centre interface (VPIC)

As the repository of data on PIDA, there is a need to enhance the usability and utility of VPIC as a tool for showcasing PIDA projects to investors, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and donors. The TA to AU-ISM has supported a study on the current weaknesses to develop a roadmap and costed action plan for the revitalization of the process of collection, updating and validation as well as the optimal use of VPIC and the underlying African Infrastructure Database (AID) platforms.

• Training on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

A Training on PPP has been delivered by the TA to AU-ISM, through practitioner Trainers to a selected audience of PIDA focus points (mainly project owners), and national & regional institutions. The core objective is to better prepare participants for attracting private capital for African infrastructure while rebalancing the knowledge asymmetry of public sector stakeholders during PPP negotiations. The participants will also benefit as a preparatory step towards the basic exam of the APMG certificate.